5 Health Benefits Of Living Amid Open, Green Spaces

India is rapidly developing into a concrete jungle; making space for skyscrapers, flyovers and long-winding roads. Step away from the chaos for a moment and you will realise the need for creating more open spaces and urban parks.

Here are 5 benefits of living amid open expanses that are blessed with nature:

Cleaner air:

Trees, shrubs and other foliage combat pollution and improve air quality. Plants release oxygen, which is a blessing in areas affected by fog. Landscaped spaces provide cleaner air to breathe.

Emotional wellness:

Research has found that urban residents living amid open spaces, greenery and parks tend to be healthier and happier than those devoid of them. The chaos of the city makes you feel anxious and fatigued, while green spaces help rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Routine morning habits like walking on damp grass and breathing in fresh air helps stimulate your body to produce calming hormones that help you relax.

Physical Fitness:

Having access to open spaces encourages physical activities such as walking, jogging, cycling and indulging in sports. Exercising outdoors even helps you burn more calories. As per the 2008 Scottish Health Survey conducted, outdoor physical activity leaves 50% greater positive effect on one's mental well-being than going to the gym.

Reduced mortality:

Living amid greenery increases longevity and reduces mortality considerably. The presence of green space is fairly often linked to reduction in mortality. As per doctors, patients also recover faster when given a landscape view, rather than just looking at the walls of the hospitals.

Cooler environment:

Open spaces also help offset the heat island effect, which often occurs in heavily developed metropolises and contributes to global warming. Besides, trees make for a natural canopy that blocks out harsh sunlight and provides shade during hot summer months.

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Do it for the sake of your health!